Having been regularly disappointed by the vegetarian and vegan offerings when dining out, we set about creating interesting and tasty alternatives for coffee shops & restaurants to design some exciting plant-based dishes for their menus. Faux products make it easy for you to diversify your vegetarian and vegan options because our alternatives are packed full of flavour and ready for your team to use.

At Faux, we are passionate about bringing tasty plant based meat alternatives to as many people as possible. We love to use the sliced meats in sandwiches & charcuterie boards, they are also versatile to be fried and added to dishes such as carbonara, pastrami hash and pizzas or simply as sides.

The Faux 'chicken' thigh alternative is a unique product that is perfect to replace the protein source on a roast, classic chicken dish or as the vegetarian option for a carvery.


If you're looking for a tasty plant-based alternative for your menu then check out our wholesale catalogue and get in touch for some tasty samples. 

We are able to ship all over the UK and products are suitable for freezing on arrival.



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